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The EverCrisp® apple is sweet and juicy with a memorable crisp! EverCrisp's parents are Fuji & Honeycrisp which gives this apple its superior crunch and flavor. We have one of the largest volumes of EverCrisp available in Washington State. Ask us about this apple early in the season as it can sell out quickly!

Cosmic Crisp®

The Cosmic Crisp apple is one of the most celebrated apples ever - and with one bite you'll know why! The Cosmic Crisp was created by Washington State University's world-class breeding program to be the next generation of sweet, juicy and crisp apples, and they succeed. It's no wonder it's already one of the most popular apples.


Our fuji apples are crunchy, super-sweet and a consumer favorite worldwide. From North America to international countries everyone loves the consistency of our fuji apples!


The gala apple is now the number one produced apple in the state of Washington and we can see why. It is consistently sweet and delicious and is the ‘go-to’ apple for many consumers.


Our growers produce one of the earliest and best tasting honeycrisp apples which is available in late August some years. We love the honeycrisp which tastes just like it sounds, sweet as honey but with a subtle tart. It’s one of our favorites!

Red Delicious

The red delicious is the most classic Washington State variety, and what put Washington Apples on the map worldwide. We have strong demand for our red delicious apples throughout the world, and if you haven’t tried one in a while give it another chance, you’ll find the flavor more complex than you thought.

Granny Smith

Our favorite tart apple! It’s hard to beat a freshly sliced granny smith apple with some peanut butter spread on a slice. Or a slice of cheese. So versatile and yummy!

Golden Delicious

The popularity of the golden delicious apple has faded in recent years – but we feel it’s a wonderful apple and a must for your baking needs. Try one of our goldens – we think you’ll get hooked again!

Cripps Pink

The flavors of the Cripps Pink are amazing. A unique sweet-tart apple with a terrific crisp, you’ll keep coming back for more once you start eating this apple.



One of the most popular pears available. Our bartletts are available from August – December and are known for their smooth and buttery flavor and texture.


Anjou pears are truly delicious, especially when you know to ‘check the neck’ for ripeness. A little give on the neck means your Anjou is ripened and ready to eat. Some people like them softer, some a bit crisp, however you like them we approve!

Golden Russet Bosc

Our golden russet bosc pears are beautiful and taste wonderful as well. We love the sweet flavor. Have you ever had a poached bosc pear? Search a recipe and give it a shot – amazing!

Red Anjou

Sweet and juicy, red pears are one of our favorite varieties. When was the last time you had a red pear? Head on out and try one – we know you won’t be disappointed.


Dark Sweet Cherries

We are proud of our cherry program which on average runs from early June to early August. The sweet taste and beautiful color of cherries truly defines summer and it’s one of the most delicious fruits available. Enjoy this seasonal wonder when available.

Rainier Cherries

The sweetest of cherries, our growers produce some of the biggest and best tasting Rainier cherries available. Our Grandview centered orchards are ideal to grow Rainier Cherries due to the lower wind and full days of summer sun. If you have yet to try Rainier cherries, treat yourself during summer!

Audra Rosa Cherries

We are the exclusive distributors of the Audra Rose cherry! The Audra Rose is a unique and super sweet cherry that will have red skin, but a starburst color flesh going from yellow to red. Once you've tried it, we think it might just be your favorite cherry!

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