Organic Fruit



Organic gala apples are one of the largest organic varieties that we offer. It is one of the most popular apples known for its consistent sweet flavor.


Organic Honeycrisp apples are sweet with just the right amount of tart. We keep producing more organic honeycrisp apples each year as it is consumer favorite!


Our organic fuji apples are crunchy and super-sweet. We are known for the consistently wonderful flavor of our fuji apples!

Red Delicious

Organic red delicious apples are sweet with a surprisingly complex flavor. If you haven’t tried one recently, you owe it to yourself to give it another chance!

Golden Delicious

Is there an apple more beautiful than an organic golden delicious. We don’t think so. So smooth in flavor, it’s no wonder it has remained a favorite.

Granny Smith

Our organic Granny Smith apples have the wonderful tart flavor you look for in an organic Granny. And they are so versatile for all our cooking and baking needs.

Cripps Pink

We continue to offer a few more organic Cripps Pink apples each year as consumers are seeking them out nationally for their unique sweet-tart flavor.



Organic anjou pears are sweet, juicy and delicious. Wait for them to ripen to enjoy the best eating experience.


One of the most popular pears available. Our organic bartletts are available from August – November and are known for their smooth and buttery flavor and texture.

Golden Russet Bosc

One of our specialties, our golden russet bosc pears are beautiful and taste wonderful as well. They are all grown on a premium pear site outside of the Tri-Cities, WA. Ask us about our organic bosc!

Red Anjou

Sweet and juicy, organic red pears have an exceptionally great color and texture, and are just flat out delicious to eat!


Dark Sweet Cherries

Organic sweet cherries are a seasonal favorite every summer. The season tends to be shorter than our conventional cherry crop, so when you see them in your favorite produce department, make sure to purchase some before they’re gone.

Rainier Cherries

Organic Rainier cherries are one of the most premium pieces of fruit you’ll ever find. Sweet and delicious, organic Rainiers are only grown by select growers in a handful of locations throughout the state.


Friar Plums

Enjoy the sweet/tart taste of our seasonal organic Friar plums every summer. They are grown right near our warehouse and will likely be the freshest plums you get all season!

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